Monday, December 26, 2016

Softee Mango Butter Hair Dress.

  So I decided to try some, for lack of a better word, grease on my hair. I had been thinking about trying it out for awhile, and this one looked promising. 

The ingredients were not too bad, except the petrolatum. (It is hair grease, after all.) With that in mind I gave it the old college try. And the price was around $1.50 or less at Walmart, so.. 

I set my hair in twists. During the cooler months, I like to do this. My hair doesn't give a good defined result I've found, but it gets a slight wave and a pretty good stretch. So this would be my sealant. 

One such twist. Notice the little sheen to it. And it was very soft. 

The end result was pretty nice. As you can see from the smile, I liked it. 

This is one of those products that I may revisit. It didn't leave my hair SUPER oily, but it is grease so there will be oil. My hair liked it well enough, no weird petroleum reaction like I have with straight Vaseline. (Hard, dry, yet some how greasy hair. And it took MULTIPLE washings to remove it all! Straight petroleum is a no go for me.) It was just a little oily. Like gel is a little sticky or crunchy. Annoying, but not enough to make you leave it forever if your hair likes it. I will note that over time, my hair started to feel a little dry. Remember petrolatum is a very powerful sealant. It deals in moisture, but can also seal it out- which is why it's great for flat ironing. This dryness happened after maybe the 3rd week of using it. But as I recall (I used this last fall... Yeah, I'm a little behind with reviews. LoL!) it wasn't a big deal. A good scrubbing with my sulfate free shampoo and deep conditioning and I was back in business. No biggie. :)

Well, that's my review of Softee. I purchased this with my own money and even if I hadn't, my opinions are honestly my own. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Eucerin In Shower Moisturizer

*I got this product free for review, but my views are honest and unbiased. No one tells me what to think. :p *

Today's review is on the Eucerin In Shower Moisturizer

It is supposed to be for dry skin, and is said to have no greasy feel. 

The ingredients:


I have been using this for a few weeks now, and it's not bad. Not really. It pretty much does what it says. It's lotion.. You use in the shower... Basically you shower as you normally would then rub this all over, avoiding the bottoms of your feet, then lightly rinse it off and dry off as usual. Not too difficult. Your skin is left pretty moisturized and not TERRIBLY greasy... But I felt sticky. I mean, you did just slather this petroleum based product all over your clean body. LoL! It takes a little getting use to. The stickiness fades pretty quickly though, so it's not enough to make you not want to use the product. But I can see it could be off putting to some. 

My skin felt ok after drying off. It wasn't dry, but there wasn't that "shine" that we tend to like after lotioning up. And some of my drier spots felt like they needed a little more moisture. Also this is an extra step when I'm usually already running late. With post shower lotion/oils you just slather it on and go. This one you have to apply THEN re-rinse. I think it is just easier to put on lotion. 

I don't think I would purchase this product because honestly I'd rather just use lotion or my coconut oil after my shower, but I'd say it is worth trying. I'm glad I had the opportunity to test this product. It doesn't irritate my eczema which is a big plus. It's fragrance free which is a plus for those who can't stand strong smells or have allergies. I do love Eucerin as a brand and their cream is a favorite of mine. But this, for me is just not worth the extra time. 

I'd rate the product at about 3 stars. My skin is a little drier than most I'd say, so for a person with "normal" skin it may rate higher. 

That's all I got. Thanks for reading!