Friday, January 21, 2011

_____ Club of America

They can call it what they will... Handyman Club of America, Gardening Club of America, Cooking Club of America.. Hell, I think there's a Health Club of America- Whatever!! It's all a scam to sell books and crap you probably don't want... There... I SAID it.. I joined the Gardening Club of America and the Cooking Cub of America.. I was expecting to test some random GOOD products.. And to be fair.. I was sent a pretty.. PRETTY, good product through the Gardening Club. It was some kind of fungus crap for plants. Fertilizer would have been better. But OK.. At least I didn't have to BUY anything to test this product... But the constant USELESS books.. That I can already tell will only get more expensive... Was just too much!! They make it sound like you'll pay the annual fee. (YES.. There's an annual fee.. It's reasonable.. Think I paid $12..) You get a Magazine subscription.. Like the magazines... BUT... Nothing else is free.. You'd think if you pay for membership, you'd get to test products for free.. OR at least it would be specific to your interests... For example, I am not interested in Flower gardening... I filled out the little survey, and everything pointed to FRUIT AND VEGETABLE gardening... What do I constantly get? More crap for flowers... BUSHES... Ugh.. The seeds they send constantly... MORE FLOWERS!!

Now, if you're into that type of thing.. It's GREAT.. EXCEPT!! The constant pushing of BOOK AFTER BOOK AFTER FRIGGIN' BOOK!! There are no real JUST test my product.. You gotta buy to keep getting cheap dollar store crap to test.. AND THAT GOES FOR BOTH CLUBS!!

I should have joined Handyman club.. At least I may have gotten some books on how to fix things.. BUT guess what??? You can find most info for FREE online, or just buy the FRIGGIN' book from jump.. With out the extra money being paid out..

Will I reup my subscription.. Pay my dues??? HELL no... I'm adventurous... Not STUPID... No more free lunch ____ Club of America... Bad deal... Very bad deal..


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