Thursday, January 30, 2014

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

  Awhile ago, I tried Hello Hydration's shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1. I wasn't expecting it to actually condition my hair, but I expected some softness post wash. Long story short, it was as awful as any sulfate, stripping, TANGLING shampoo. Turns out 2 in 1 was just shampoo. PERIOD. 

So I held off buying the conditioner. For years I kept hearing about how wonderful the conditioner was. Naturals raving about the stuff. But, with all the silicones and all I still chose to pass. 

I've been using Aussie Moist which also has cones in it, but it had a history of working for my hair, so I went back to it. I was on the "no cones" kick before that. Honestly cones do act weird in my hair, just like petroleum does. So, it wasn't without reason that I stay away from both. 

So why on earth would I end up with this giant bottle of cone ladened blueness? Necessity. 

I was out of Aussie and at Sam's Club who oddly enough doesn't sell Aussie. And the Hello Hydration was there, all blue and huge for the same price I pay for LESS Aussie. I said "Why not? Worst case scenario, I hate it." 

So here we are. As far as I know I've never tried the HEHH alone. I mixed a corner of it with another mix and was not impressed at ALL. So, I figured I may as well get a review out of it too. :)

Ok, my hair "type" is around a 4a for anyone keeping track. I may have a little 3c here and there. My hair is coarse and low porosity. It's about 1 1/2 - 2" from arm pit length stretched. My hair is not fine or silky. Without product there are few curls, but my hair curls very easily with a nice heavy gel with no shingling at all. BUT the curls are not super defined no matter what. They are frizzy curls. 

Enough description. You get the idea. :)

The first thing I noticed about the product was it smells great. It's like a laboratory floral coconut scent. Definitely mass produced, but it smells nice. This scent does linger, so if you're not a scent person, you may not like it as much. I love for my hair to smell nice, so. Right up my alley. 

Next thing, it's this pale pretty blue colour. Now I have dark brown hair (except for a few greys here and there) so coloured conditioners are no issue for me. If you're blond it may do "something" by way of colour, but I imagine not. And grey/silver hair LOVES blue tones, so.. I guess that's a plus. But I honestly doubt this will "blue" your hair. :)

Next thing, it's pretty thick. Very creamy. It's not greasy at all or unpleasantly heavy. It's nice. It applied nicely as well. I don't have a mirror in my shower, but from what I could see, it wasn't just sitting on my hair like some products do. It felt like it was soaking in to my hair. 

Then came the real test- SLIP. All curly girls know that if a conditioner ain't got slip, it ain't worth 2 cents!! And this conditioner PASSED. With flying colours!! I was able to work my wide tooth comb through my hair quite easily. I was actually able to detangle SO well, that I was able to comb all the way to the scalp! I don't remember the last time a comb grazed my scalp! LoL! So the crucial test was passed. 

Rinsing was great. My hair was soft and FLAT!! I was able to make a neat ponytail behind my head- normally it's poofy and doesn't feel this great! I guess silicones are to thank for that. :)

And now. My hair is soft and MOISTURIZED! Finally after so much time of hard crispy hair! My hair feels GOOD!! I was beginning to think my hair was just "like this now". But my hair was just DRY. Never been so happy to just have dry hair! LoL! It's so soft now, I can't stop touching it! 

So all in, this conditioner is a YES! Granted this is after one use (as the bottle promised.) but, at this point I would buy this in bulk. Aussie, dear, you have been replaced. :)

*so sad* 


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